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South Florida State Co-Director - Paul "Van" VanSteelant

​561-386-2594 •​ busavan@flmsta.org

Central Florida State Co-Director - Teresa Vipond​
713-504-5763 •​ termayn@gmail.com

For more information on MSTA at the national level, please visit www.ridemsta.com.

If you would like to join the Florida Chapter of the MSTA:
  1. You can download, print out, fill out and mail in application in Adobe Acrobat Reader format (.pdf) - MSTA Membership Application.
  2. Or, you can apply online at the MSTA Web site - Click here.
  3. Or, just contact any of the folks listed below, and we'll be happy to send you an application form in the mail.

Better yet, check out the date and time for the next lunch/brunch ride and come on over for a visit. We're sure you'll be back!​